Create the ideal ACG in your mind!!!!! Special secondary character makeup

1. provide the role name a online sex simulator free nd photo (in addition to the photos you provide as the main reference, bump Mi will also follow (Role name search to view other pictures and character characters, information integration began to ma robot sexuality ke special character makeup design).


2 special will, entity aesthetics and art professional and physical material, overa cheap male love dolls ll collocation +role information, comprehensive consideration after special reduction, not the pursuit A single 100% similar pattern, the characters are original 2D render deepthroat doll ing, presented in 3D real dolls, will be slightly different.

( This part of the designer has its professional insistence, such as the selected photo inflatable doll reviews for Lolita role, he will not agree to match the face of the melon seated face and royal sister to do sales of).


3. special contents for make realdoll sex dolls up/wig/eye beads. (Wig, there will be a slight color difference between the actual color of the display and the actual product because life size living dolls of different photos).


4. provide special doll before shipment photos, waiting for you to confirm after arranging the ship love doll uk ment.