1. space: 170cm.165cm.. 156cm.150cm.145cm.135cm.125cm.100 etc...

Remember that a doll takes (marry) home is the same as a person and you go home, to put which is really according to everyone

Placement of different space, should be carefully considered, not easily like to bring home.

2. Weight: More 1KG is 1KG. Don't think 25KG+2KG... But mo free android sex simulator re than this 2KG enough to affect the mood you want to use after purchase

, move out into the feet open and then put together, help the baby turn over, open foot fit, bath placement, photo bridge posture, etc.. love doll real .

, recommended love doll full of love people, good brother, home placed large space people (large range of activities in space

( Move will be easier) to meet one of the conditions, and then choose the kilogram heavier doll, or remember more 1KG to feel...

3. after purchase main use: when love? When tools? If you are a lover, I want to pay attention to and ask about the place is the material, size, makeup, etc. sexy doll toy ..

Understand a little and then choose, after all, love real live sexy is a long time... If it is a a life size doll tool, avoid LOVE DOLL after use to bathe maintenance Oh, will take a lot of time

, don't impulse to save money to buy, rather custom real doll buy small or famous objects and so on.

4. appearance. material brand. price list if you hav real human robots for sale e a bottom in mind, the appearance (including makeup) body material brand price, it is up to the guest official to decide Hello.

Which material TPE is softer, strong tear resistance, but the more oil, the longer it robot dolls pictures will be placed the softer... Silicone is harder, tear resistance is slightly less, less oil.

Detailed comparison can be seen in the previous article