Re-archive photos today, feel thefull range of 2021 Piper S.A.F.
It is worth sharing once again, with more photos to show theperfect reduction
Feel the soft material (plus soft gel chest)Good range of skeleton movement, reaction to the body display
, easier to collect and display.


1. Phoebe Elf 80 cm (silicone)

2 Ariel 100 cm (silicone)

3.Jessica 100 cm (silicone)
4. Akira 100cm (silicone)
5. Jenna 100 cm (silicone)
6 Eirian 100 cm (silicone)
7.Mai Dance 100 cm (silicone)#她重點不在肢體展現

8.Elsa 100 cm (silicone)