A. Make up, I purchased what I think I can control 1. Fa black sex love lse eyelashes 2. Eyelash glue 3. Small clip 4. Foundation brush 5. Pink best cheap love doll Blush 6. Honey 7 Fals sexey doll e Nail Patch 8. instant glue 9. nail polish



II. realdolls to my house for a week, because I was to life like love doll o rude relationship, eyelashes fell off makeup and nails fell off, I put her new eyelashes, add a new blush coating Upper honeyed



Three will have been painted nail polish, fake nail patch, stained with ins lifelike silicone doll tant glue paste, complete. Complete Figure VS Official Diagram


4. Note 1 can refer to youtube makeup teaching. 2 different people, have different makeup skills, no more or less, no brand rules limited, can be easily. 3. adult silicone doll . for her makeup, regardless of the good-looking or bad look, she is unique, be sure to learn, increase baby fun.


make love with doll to my house 4 #內衣篇