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love doll for men Brand Features


love doll for men brand features true natural get real dolls : head body, skeleton operation, true proportions, softness , Makeup. small breasts sex

1. head body, for the market's first so designed brand. The main brand concept, “real nature” born design. Cons “I personally think”, if you are a flower heart, pl full size male doll ease buy other branded split dolls, because Piper can't change head, can't change roles.


2. skeleton operation, in fact, most of the brand skeleton are similar, have a good operability, the difference in , is mobile sex emulator the market change pushing the brand, or the brand change pushes the market to go. love doll for men belongs to the latter, its brand designer is also a photo enthusiast, fully understand the go adult doll toy od skeleton operation, completely around its photo variability, so the birth of evo skeleton, still constantly after Try to Evolution.


3. ratio true, Mizuwali: our dolls really no heavier!!! To make the tpe material meaning weight light, make your hands and legs thin or body do flat!! If we produce them with the same molds (r ultra realistic love doll eferring to other brands of molds), the dolls we make may be lighter. Designers are very demanding for the ratio, especially in t gay real doll he waist hip and leg line life size silicone models (referred to as the lower hal silicone rubber doll f ^_^)



4 softness, process angle of the material soft and hard, implicated its factory raw material formula, affect the oil. Smell, t find love dolls hree-dimensional sense of the face, direct touch, etc... soft soft good, hard and hard good, love doll for men pursuit is a softer material.

5. makeup, love doll for men for makeup part in addition to some special European and American models or dolls when buying special requirements, otherwise makeup with Most brands will be slightly lig real doll website hter, my point of view will be relatively pure.



Eyes curved open smiling face