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TPE vs silicone ratio

What is the difference between silicone and TPE?

TPE and silicone look very similar, touch is also soft, many people have not understood the difference between the two, in fact, the two are completely different Something!

TPE is short for Thermo Plastic Elastomers Thermo Plastic Elastomers and is a rubber product. Silicone best free sex emulator silicone is composed of silicon elements,

Basically silicone does not belong to plastic, rubber. The two are fundamentally different.


Processing method of TPE dolls:original Material (granular) heating (about 200 degrees) dissolves into liquid > Pouring into mold > Condensation molding

Silicone doll processing method:raw materials (platinum silicone, liquid, min A, B two kinds of liquid) mixing > Pour best sexy doll ing to Mold > Chemical inflatable sexdolls Reaction Molding at Room Temperature


TPE V.S silicone advantages and disadvantages than a ratio

1. softness

Thesoftness of TPE can be adjusted to very soft, the current TPE material hardness used in adult products is about the hard real skin love doll ness of Shao's A negative 2 0 Around,such softness is not achieved early on silicone. Current love doll for men Continuous improvement of silicone material formula can already be done softer than TPE!

2 elongation

The so-called tensile rate is how many times a material can be stretched when it is stretched, for e men and sex dolls xample, the tensile rate of TPE is 10 times, representing the length 1cm material can b harmony ai robot e stretched to10cm before breaking, TPE Elasticity is better than silicone, the early silicone doll h best free sex simulator ands can not be raised to the head (similar to the long live action), if the hand is raised too high armpit will crack,or feet can not play too open (Similar to a wordhorse), if the foot is open then the crotch will crack, TP top sex dolls E dolls do not have these problems, this It was also one of the reasons tha lovedoll real t TPE dolls were so popularat the time, because they could toss a variety of postures. The current love doll for men silicone formula has been improved and gradually overcome these problems, silicone dolls You can do these positions, but do not allow the do best blow up doll ever ll to maintain such postures for a long time(try not to exceed 30 minutes) Otherwise it will crack (TPE dolls will crack for a long time, but they will crack longer than silicone dolls)

3. tear resistant

“ Tear” differs from tensile “fracture”, where “tear resistance” is defined as resistance to external damage ca dolls and why we love them used by sharp or blunt objects Ability, in this regard TPE performance isexcellent, and silicone performance in this area is very poor, for example: if the same blade at the same time in TPE and silico sxy doll ne doll body cut a small wound, TPE doll surface wound is noteasy to expand, and silicone doll wound is very easy again Along the wound continues to expand unpacked, so the use of silicone dolls must pa adult dolls for sale y great attention to harmony the robot this part!!! Nevertouch the silicone doll with sharp objects! Also be careful to avoid all kinds of collisions causing wounds!

4. odor

TPE material varies depending on the manuf best sec dolls acturer's formula and the odor is different, if the TPE material used white oil (one of the formula) quality is online sex doll better, then Odor will reduce a lot, if you use bad white o black sex dolls il orheat too long in the cooking process will lead to a bad smell of TPE, in addition if The factory uses a secondary furnace TPE, may also lead to poor material odor (TPE can be recycledagain hot use), at this point silicone is completely superior TPE, the first because the silicone itself does not have any smell, the second in the molding process does no loving dolls t have any heating, the third silicone can not be recycled andreused ( This is why silicone dolls production costs are relatively high, because the material itse sexy dolls maker lf is more expensive than TPE, and o sxy doll nce the doll is broken it must be scrapped, the material can no silicone dolls supplies t be reused at all) ,Overall in terms of odor silicone doll is the winner of TPE dolls.

5. material aging rate

At this point the silicone doll is also a victory TPE doll, if both under the same conditions (the same storage environment, the same storage adult silicone sex dolls environment, the same normal storage (pose) TPE dolls may be earlier than silicone dolls

The phenomenon of aging and deterioration (poor color, tear resistance, material deformation, etc. male sexdolls )

6. Detail Performance

Thehigher the density of the material is better in the shape detail after molding (such as various structures and fine lines of the human face, various textures on the bo robot female sex dy etc...) and the m pvc sex toy aterial density of silicone is about1.2 ~ 1.3, TPE is about 0.9, so this is the same silicone doll victory TPE doll.

7. Coating adhesion

Silicone dolls have higher adhesion compared to TPE dolls, more can show the rich silicon sexy ness and realism of the doll face talking blow up dolls and body makeup.

8. Deformation resistance

This item also performs better than TPE dolls, as mentioned in item 5 above when both are in the same storage environment, the same norm www realdoll com al In the storage position, TPE dolls maydeform earlier than silicone dolls (chest sagging, larger eye frame, face deformation, etc.) In addition TPE dolls are most afraid to be placed di real doll order rectly on a hard plane, so will lead to the doll's butt completely squashed,

Serious even the whole back flattened, but the s sweet asian dolls ilicone doll does not have this japanese silicone doll for sale layer of concern, of course, if the silicone doll is also placed on a har robot companions for sale d plane time Long will also produce this kind of situation,but to the extent not as serious as TPE, if both produce slight deformation, silicone doll rebound recovery The chance of normal styling is greater than TPE.

9. oil output

Theextent of the early two oil is similar, TPE material and silicone material are contr adult sex sim olled by the content of oil to control the softness of the material, The higher the oil c doll tits ontent is softer, the difference is that china TPEis added white oil, and silicone is added silicone oil. Currently, love doll for men silicone formulations have been modified but not only soft and oil output is greatly controlled.


* Some doll factory will launch the so-called “wax head”, bulk blow up dolls in fact, are made of silicone, but the use of hard silicon roxxxy sex robot e to make, hard silicone The hair head can be planted, eyebrows and eyelashes, and can free online sex simulator not be planted if softness is close to TPE silicone.



Silicone dolls and TPE dolls have their advantages and disadvantages, how to choose the end to see the needs of customers, my personal opinion TPE dolls as adult premium adult dolls products More suitable for some, relatively silicone doll as a playcollection is more suitable, of course, both can both pla premium love doll y and collection, just which as cute sexy doll pect The specific gravity is more problematic.